Security Tips

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Security Tips

The holidays are upon us, the most magical – and sometimes the most hectic and stressful – season of all. Don’t let security threats and scams ruin your holiday jeer.

With most consumers planning on doing the majority of their holiday shopping online, fraudsters know ‘tis the season to commit fraud. Unfortunately, cybercriminals take full advantage of the holiday hustle and bustle. Here are some tips to stay safe during the holiday season:

  1. Do your online shopping from home or on a trusted network. Connecting to public wifi allows fraudsters the opportunity to intercept your personal information. If you cannot wait to get home to make a purchase, use your mobile service provider’s internet connection as opposed to a public wifi as available at most retailers.
  2. Be aware of phishing attempts. Watch out for fraudulent emails and text messages that appear to be from legitimate sources. Fake shipping notices, offers “too good to be true” and phony fraud warnings that fraudsters use to trick consumers into providing sensitive information or could infect your computer and/or mobile device.
  3. Monitor your bank account. Review transactions for legitimacy. If you see anything suspicious, notify your Bank right away.
  4. Use trusted vendors and apps. Be sure to make your purchases from established and trusted vendors. Watch for links or sites that redirect you to another site.
  5. Create unique passwords and do not save sensitive information on your phone. Never store secure information such as passwords, social security numbers, or banking information on your phone.

Protecting your privacy is our highest priority. By increasing your awareness, you can help avoid becoming the victim of cybersecurity and identity theft issues. We hope all our customer’s have a happy and healthy holiday season.