Happy Installment Saving

PromiseOne Happy Installment Savings Account is a savings account where you can deposit a set amount of money each month for a set period of time to achieve a Goal Amount ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. This account is an ideal way to accumulate funds for a down payment on your dream car, to open your own business, for your retirement plan, to send your children to college, or any number of potential uses. 

You choose the Goal Amount, the term and the monthly deposit amount that fits your budget and plan. It is a simple and a safe way to provide for your planned expense.
*For details, please stop by or call one of our offices.

Saving can be a challenge.  We are here to help you reach your goal by offering a flexible interest bearing installment savings account.
Interest Compounding & Credit Frequency.
Interest will be compounded daily and credited to your account every quarter.
Interest does not accrue after maturity.

Minimum Opening Deposit

The minimum opening deposit is the amount of your first installment deposit and varies based upon your goal amount and term.  The minimum goal amount is $1,000.00.

Transaction Limitation

You may not make withdrawals from this account.  If you choose to make a withdrawal then you must withdraw the total balance and close your account.  Since the interest is calculated on the basis of an actual deposit, if you make a deposit before or after the due date, the Account balance and the goal amount may be different than your original goal amount.

Early withdrawal penalty may apply – 90 days interest.